Crichton's controversial act in Rugby League World Cup final

Aussie star elbows Samoa's Harris-Tavita off the ball (Source: Fox Sports)

Video transcript

- Crichton to Milford. Oh, Holmes has got a [INAUDIBLE].


There's an error from Australia.

- Tavita Harris as well, I think that's his night done.


This-- watch what happens to Harris-Tavita.

- Just back away, just separate from it guys.

- Crichton, dang.

- There, he's gone there, the forearm. But that's the end of his night.

- I wouldn't call it in the sense intentional, not by any stretch. Crichton picks up the ball, Harris-Tavita goes--

- Oh, now--

- No, whoa, whoa, whoa, I take all that back.

- Yeah, it could be the end of Crichton's night [INAUDIBLE].

- It's a dead ball situation and the elbow is raised. It looks worse obviously, the more you slow it.