The Creator praised as one of the year's best movies in first reactions

john david washington, the creator
The Creator praised in first reactionsCourtesy of 20th Century Studios

First reactions for the upcoming science-fiction epic, The Creator, have arrived.

Yesterday (September 18), a press screening took place in Hollywood were a host of critics and journalists were able to have a preview of Gareth Edward's highly anticipated new movie, set to land in cinemas on September 29.

From the first impressions, shared on social media, this cinematic story has been labelled as the "best film of the year" and a "masterpiece".

There's also been widespread praise for the Rogue One director and the cinematographers, Oren Soffer and Grieg Fraser.

john david washington, madeleine yuna, the creator
20th Century Studios

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The Creator sees Joshua (John David Washington), a grieving ex-special forces agent who is tasked with hunting down "the Creator", an advanced AI who possesses the power to end the war between robots and man.

Alongside Washington, the cast boasts Marvel's Gemma Chan, Ken Watanabe, Sturgill Simpson, Allison Janney, and newcomer Madeleine Yuna Voyles.

On X Brandon Davis wrote: "The Creator is astonishingly good. Best film of the year and best sci-fi film in ages, in my opinion. Gareth Edwards flips expectations really impressively for a visceral, touching, and creative story of humanity. Genuinely loved it. You have to see this one."

Meanwhile, Hunter Bolding added: "Gareth Edwards doesn't miss with The Creator. The movie takes place alongside Terminator 2, Alien and Star Wars as absolute smashing examples of how sci-fi can parallel our world. It's easily among the best films of the year."

the creator official trailer
20th Century Studios

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"Though it pulls from identifiable inspirations, The Creator is one of the best original sci-fi epics in years," Courtney Howard wrote. "Massively entertaining, enthralling and profound on every level. Gareth Edwards constructs an immersive world and fills it with compelling characters. Absolutely radical."

Critic Kirsten Maldonado penned: "The Creator is an ambitious sci-fi odyssey with a profound take on humanity, acceptance and freedom at its core. John David Washington gives a career-best performance, while Madeline Yuna Voyles proves she's a young actor to watch. The third act surprised me, this film went there!"

As Griffin Schiller praised: "The Creator is a masterful piece of original sci-fi. Gareth Edwards is one of our great filmmakers. A soulful, nuanced, Lucas-like interrogation of human beliefs/biases and our security in the face of something greater. Spectacle and heart to the highest order. Pure cinema baby!"

The Creator is set to be released in cinemas on September 29.

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