Incredible photos of goose attacking golfer go viral

The unbelievable moment a goose attacked a young golfer in the US has been perfectly captured in a series of photos going viral around the world.

The crazy moment occurred during a high school tournament in Michigan recently, with Blissfield High School taking on Concord High School.

Isaac Couling of Concord High was minding his own business when he accidentally infuriated a territorial goose, and Devon Pitts of Blissfield was there to capture it all.

“The golfers just finished teeing off and were walking down the fairway,” according to the Blissfield Athletics Twitter account, which posted the images online.

“To the left there was a goose nest and the golfers did a good job of avoiding it but the guard goose (hanging out on the far right) thought differently.”

Couling drew the ire of the goose and tried to outrun the irritated bird.

However as the photos show, he wasn’t so lucky, as the goose took him to the ground in a sprawled mess of feathers, limbs and golf clubs.

As of Tuesday morning, the photos had been liked over 38,000 times and received 15,000 retweets.

The PGA of America shared the images, saying: “Though geese can be beautiful when watching them fly in flocks, the truth is they can be a real nuisance to golfers. And that’s without them attacking golfers.”

Luckily, Blissfield Athletics said the only injuries were to the boy’s pride.