Coworkers mistake mom’s breast pumps for Bluetooth speakers: ‘I work with all men — shocker!’

Sometimes, people who haven’t given birth can be clueless about all that’s involved — especially when it comes to breastfeeding. This August marks National Breastfeeding Month, so there’s no better time to clarify some things.

There’s no magic button on a person’s body that produces breastmilk. That means some parents have to pump and store it (for their hungry infants) at the whims of their fickle bodies.

According to Mom Loves Best, “Many women choose to pump so they can return to work after their maternity leave,” while others may choose to pump “because their baby was born early and couldn’t latch, or they were born with a lip or tongue tie and couldn’t properly latch and transfer milk efficiently.”

A working mom who goes by @jodie.difranco on TikTok couldn’t believe what else she had to explain to her male coworkers one day at work.

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“I’m a new mom. I’m also a police officer and I work with all men — shocker!” she said. “They thought these were Bluetooth speakers. They are portable breast pumps. That’s milk.”

The officer was in her uniform in the locker room. To be fair, the gumdrop shape of the breast pumps did resemble some Bluetooth speakers. However, the milk pooling at the bottom of each “speaker” should have been a dead giveaway.

TikTokers empathized with the mom, but some were willing to admit they were a bit clueless, too.

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“I’m a female and thought they were diffusers,” a user joked.

“You should’ve let them try to connect their music lol,” another commented.

“I thought they were air fresheners,” someone added.

“My coworker thought they were ice packs cause they were with my lunch box,” a person shared.

“I thought they were face steamers,” a TikToker replied.

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