Cotchin's daughter does adorable Dusty impersonation

Trent Cotchin’s daughter Harper has clearly been watching her dad’s teammate Dustin Martin in action.

The Richmond skipper took to Instagram on Tuesday to show off Harper’s adorable impersonation of Dusty’s signature ‘don’t argue’.

Martin is well-known for his brutal ‘fend’, leaving many opponents in his wake with a big stiff arm in the chest or face.

His latest victim was Fremantle star Nat Fyfe, and Harper certainly saw it.

As you can see in the video at the top, Harper has been practicing her own ‘don’t argue’ on baby sister Mackenzie.

And doesn’t she love it!

Cotchin and Martin have formed a close bond in their time at Richmond together, with the skipper previously describing how Dusty is like an uncle to his daughters.

“There is a perception of him – he’s got the tattoos and he can look like an angry bugger,” Cotchin told SEN last year.

Who did it better? Image: Getty/Instagram

“Any time I do an appearance, people ask what he is really like.

“He can come across shy – he has improved that area in his life.

“He is more giving in his time and more open to having conversations.

“He would be one of the guys I would be first to ask to look after my two kids.”