Costco's Ready-to-Bake Appetizer Is Perfect for Easy (and Cheap) Holiday Entertaining

Give yourself the gift of simplicity this year.

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The holiday season is upon us, so it’s time for entertaining. Every good holiday party should come with some equally tasty party appetizers, and while we love whipping up our own, it’s nice to have help in that department, too.

Costco has a ready-to-bake appetizer that will do just that. We already head to the warehouse store to pick up the latest snacks and heat-and-eat side dishes, so naturally, we’re excited to try Costco’s latest ready-to-bake petit fours appetizer.

What Are Petit Fours Anyway?

Before we dive into all the excitement about the latest Costco find, let's chat about what petit fours are first. The term means “small oven” in French, which makes sense since these tiny delights are baked in the oven. Petit fours can be either sweet or savory, too. You may find them as small cakes topped with sugary icing or a puff pastry stuffed with rich cheese.

Costco's Ready-to-Bake French Petits Fours

Costco is helping us prepare for holiday entertaining this year with its ready-to-bake appetizer, Château Fougères French Petits Fours. This box of appetizers comes with 24 savory pastries made in France with four different flavors, including garlic bread bites, three-cheese quiches, Emmental cheese puffs, and Brie cheese puff pastries.

Not only do you get a lot of variety in this one box, but they are super easy to make—all you need to do is pop them right in the oven to bake when you’re ready. Bonus: the whole box will only cost you $14.79.

Making a puff pastry from scratch requires some time and effort. Even the simplest recipe with a couple of ingredients will have you buying more than you might want. There are the eggs, the Boursin, and the puff pastry dough, which can add up, especially if you add several different cheeses to the mix. Handmade puff pastries can take up a good chunk of time with all the prepping and baking, taking up to an hour or even longer. These Costco appetizers are ready to go in 8-10 minutes in the oven, cutting down on time and effort.

We’re not the only ones eager to try out these appetizers. Instagram’s costcobuys posted about the “amazing” find, and many others chimed in. A few users couldn’t wait to find the appetizers in their local stores, while a few thought the items sounded “yummy.” We couldn’t agree more.

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