Costco's Caramel Apple Mini Cakes Are The Epitome Of Fall Food

Caramel apple mini cakes
Caramel apple mini cakes - Instagram

In addition to incredible deals such as the famed $1.50 hot dog meal and the $1.99 pizza slice, Costco frequently rolls out limited-time offers on seasonal favorites. Members of the warehouse wholesaler can often be found hunting for the best deals and seasonal treats, leading to the creation of social media accounts such as costcohotfinds on Instagram. The account, which boasts a following of over 1.7 million users, highlights the latest, greatest, and tastiest new additions to the Costco roster.

The latest discovery of the costcohotfinds page is a sugary treat that combines many beloved Autumn ingredients into one dessert. The treat — caramel apple mini cakes — combines elements of cupcakes, apple pie, caramel apples, and cinnamon, for a perfect mixture of fall flavors sure to get you into the seasonal spirit. According to the Instagram post, "The caramel cake itself is so soft and not overly sweet, the frosting is made from condensed milk and is very rich and creamy" making the mini cakes a must-buy for dessert lovers this autumn.

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Can You Get These Caramel Apple Mini Cakes At Your Local Costco?

Costco cart
Costco cart - dennizn/Shutterstock

According to a number of comments on the original post, these seasonal caramel apple mini cakes are available in a number of stores across the country. One comment from a Costco shopper verifies this: "Got those at the Ann Arbor location, thanks to you!!!" while another boasted about picking up the treat the day before. Of course, if the fanfare regarding this eye-catching dessert continues at its current pace, you may find your local location completely sold out.

According to the original video, a package containing 6 of the caramel apple mini cakes rings in at $8.99, though this price may be subject to change depending on your Costco location. Long-time Costco fans will likely recognize that the cakes themselves are roughly the same size as previous iterations of the seasonal dessert, including Costco's mini lemon cakes and mini raspberry cakes. For those who are sick and tired of pumpkin spice and looking for a sugary sweet to get into the fall spirit, these caramel apple mini cakes may be just the thing.

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