Costco Brings Back a “To Die For” Dessert

It's also an all-time favorite, just in time for the holidays.



This time of year, there’s almost nothing that you can’t rely on Costco to provide you with. An entire ready-to-cook Thanksgiving meal kit delivered right to your door? Costco has that. A prepared heat-and-eat pasta dish to make dinner simple on a busy night? It has that, too. The wooden board for your charcuterie spread, the storage containers for your leftovers, the chicken nuggets to keep the kids happily fed while you’re decorating? Costco has it all.

Costco’s bakery is no different, offering a pumpkin pie that’s everyone’s favorite, plus lots of other delicious goodies. Now it’s brought back a store-bought treat that you can serve as a holiday dessert, or indulge in while you’re taking the night off—sitting on the couch and binging your favorite TV shows or watching all the classic holiday flicks.

Costco Brings Back Mini Cakes

This bakery item is one that Costco shoppers go crazy for; the mini cake. These flavored mini cakes—like the Raspberry Mini Cake, Mini Lemon Cake, and Caramel Apple Mini Cake—come six to a package, and despite the name, aren’t so mini. They weigh about half a pound each and are two to three times larger than most cupcakes.

Now showing up in Costco’s bakery are Mini All American Cakes, smaller versions of the popular chocolate with chocolate fudge icing full-sized All American Cake that the warehouse club discontinued a couple of years ago.

Instagram’s Costcohotfinds spotted them at her local Costco and brought them home, saying they are “so moist and simply incredible.” The package of six costs $8.99, which seems like a pretty good deal for six large "mini" cakes. And because they’re individual treats instead of one big cake, you can freeze a few for later, placing them unwrapped on a sheet pan in the freezer until the icing freezes, then wrapping them in plastic wrap and foil.

Costcohotfinds said these Mini All American Cakes are “to die for.” Another follower on the thread said they aren’t as good as the full-size version but are still “dangerous.” Several commenters could not find them at their local Costco yet, but Costcohotfinds had some hope for them. If they don’t show up during the holidays, “Costco usually brings them back for Valentine’s Day.”

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