Corrie's Ronnie Bailey to make shock confession to Ed

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Ronnie Bailey will be forced to make a huge confession to his brother Ed next week, after his recent decision to get involved in a dodgy financial scheme.

Ronnie went behind Ed's back last week by investing a significant sum of money in Newton & Ridley shares, having been encouraged by Debbie Webster that the return will be huge.

But Ronnie's sneaky actions come back to haunt him next week when Ed tells him that he's found a plot of land for sale which has planning permission for six houses. Ed is very excited and thinks the siblings should make an offer – he thinks they have the chance to make plenty of money on such an investment.

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Nervous Ronnie reluctantly agrees to look at the details, knowing full well that he's already spent the money on the insider trading scam by investing in the Newton & Ridley shares.

Ronnie is desperate to stall things as a result, and suggests to Ed that they should consult a surveyor before they make any big decisions about the land.

Over at the cafe, Debbie assures Ronnie that he only needs to stall Ed for a few more days.

However, Ed wants to keep things moving – he's hired his own surveyor in order to speed up the process, and suggests that they should phone the estate agents and put an offer in on the land. Ronnie is feeling panicked.

ronnie, ed bailey, coronation street

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However, Ed hears from the estate agent that due to a very high amount of interest in the land, they are taking sealed bids from all interested parties. While Ed is disappointed by this news, Ronnie is left feeling relieved.

Later in the week, Debbie gives Ronnie some more worrying news – Newton & Ridley's share value has nose-dived, so he'd better hope that Waterfords makes an offer quickly.

Ronnie panics once again and tells Ed that he's having second thoughts about their new project. He suggests they pull out, but Ed is reluctant to do so.

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Ronnie later overhears Henry Newton telling the staff at The Rovers that his dad intends to sell the brewery, which is buying out the struggling pub – but that he'll be doing everything in his power to stop the sale.

Catching wind of this, Ronnie meets Henry outside and urges him to accept Waterfords' offer.

When Henry later points out that he never mentioned Waterfords and demands to know where Ronnie got his information from, he's left wondering how he'll talk himself out of the situation.

ronnie bailey, ed bailey, coronation street

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When Ed later reveals that he's put in a bid for the plot of land, Ronnie makes a shocking confession and is forced to finally admit that the pair don't have the money to buy it, because he spent it all on Newton & Ridley shares which are now worthless.

With Ed already having refused to get involved in insider trading, how will he take this news from Ronnie?

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