Corrie's Ed Bailey behaves suspiciously in gambling storyline

Coronation Street spoilers ahead.

Coronation Street's Ed Bailey will raise suspicions in upcoming scenes, following the ongoing insider trading scam he, his brother Ronnie and Debbie Webster have taken part in.

Ronnie, Ed and Debbie continue their celebrations after handsomely profiting from the Newton & Ridley shares increase, in light of the brewery's acquisition by Waterfords.

Soon enough, though, the adrenaline overwhelms Ed, who was previously addicted to gambling and is reminded of how he used to feel upon winning.

debbie webster, ronnie bailey and ed bailey in coronation street

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When Ed turns up late for a meal at Speed Daal with Ronnie and Debbie, could his former gambling addiction have got the better of him once again – and will his brother realise what's really going on before Ed slips too deeply into old habits?

Corrie fans may recall a 2019 storyline which saw Michael Bailey covering for his dad's gambling issues, which had led to some difficulties for the family in the past.

"Ed has got a gambling addiction. He's gambled before, and promised he'd never do it again," said Lorna Laidlaw, who plays Aggie Bailey, at the time.

ed, debbie webster and ronnie bailey in coronation street

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"That's why Michael took the responsibility on his shoulders and took the blame for Ed. It's a lovely thing for a son to do really, to take that massive thing, because he does not want his mum and dad to split up, which is so sweet.

"But Ed lost the house and it all gets revealed, really slowly.

"When I read it, I thought, kick him out!" she admitted. "But then you read again and what me and Trevor [Michael Georges] have tried to do is set up how in love they are, and how much they love their kids.

"Once you've got that right, you can see why she would go back to him."

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