Corrie confirms Courtney Vance's return storyline

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street has confirmed that Courtney Vance will be back on screen next week, as she returns to continue her dalliance with Aadi Alahan.

Courtney hasn't been seen on the cobbles for a few weeks after she headed on a cruise with her husband, Darren, but the soap has revealed that she'll return in scenes airing next week.

After coming back into town, Courtney suggests to Aadi that they meet up for an afternoon tryst.

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Conflicted Aadi feels torn and explains to Courtney that he has a meeting booked with his dad, Dev Alahan, and Darren.

Aadi attends the meeting, but when Darren starts quizzing him about his love life, guilty Aadi wishes that the ground would swallow him up.

Is his secret affair starting to become too difficult for Aadi to handle, particularly as Amy Barlow has already discovered the truth?

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Actress Stephanie Davis, who joined the soap as Courtney this summer after previously starring in Hollyoaks, assured fans last week that she would be back on screen soon, writing on her Instagram Stories: "There is so much coming up for Courtney! All September and October, so brace yourself and get ready.

"We have worked extremely hard on this and we know you will all enjoy it! So stay tuned!"

Stephanie has previously teased that Courtney and Aadi's affair could start to become more meaningful for her character, saying that "at first it's a bit of fun for Courtney but then she starts to see this other side to Aadi".

"Aadi also definitely starts to see this other side to Courtney and then it gets a bit more serious," she continued, explaining that her character's marriage to Darren isn't a happy one.

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Actor Adam Hussain, who plays Aadi, has also told Digital Spy and other press that Aadi could be in serious trouble if the truth about his and Courtney's affair gets out.

"I think Aadi is certainly aware of the consequences of the affair. He tries his best to resist the temptations of Courtney's advances, but he always falls short," he explained.

"Aadi falling for Courtney is not good, because if the fling is exposed, Dev could be financially ruined and Aadi's career prospects could be tarnished as well."

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1 and streams on ITVX.

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