Coronation Street's Stephen receives another ultimatum from Sarah

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Stephen Reid has received another ultimatum from niece Sarah Barlow in Coronation Street.

Last week, Sarah discovered that Stephen had stolen money from Audrey Roberts' home equity but agreed to keep it secret so long as her uncle paid all of the money back.

Sarah has since suspected Stephen has a dodgy plan in the Nippersnapper deal, though she's not yet been able to catch him in the act on that one.

In Friday's (September 1) episode, Stephen continued to try to woo Jenny and was thrilled when she offered to whisk him away on a romantic holiday she'd pay for.

stephen, sarah barlow, coronation street

Their loved-up behaviour caught the suspicion of Tim Metcalfe, who has been trying to warn Stephen's family and friends he's up to no good after the way he treated Elaine Jones.

Tim took some joy in announcing that Elaine had decided to sell her flat and wanted Stephen to move out immediately.

Stephen was irate over the latest development, as he moaned to Jenny about his ex-partner essentially making him homeless.

The killer next had to try to win over Sarah once again, as he explained he wouldn't be able to pay Audrey back as quickly as he thought.

stephen, sarah barlow, coronation street

Stephen had claimed he'd use the money from the Nippersnapper deal to pay off Audrey, but now would need the money for a down payment on a new flat.

Sarah wasn't willing to let him off the hook, as she warned her uncle he needed to pay back every single penny he took or she'd tell Audrey what he'd done.

With Stephen now backed into a corner, he was relieved to be bailed out once again when new girlfriend Jenny offered him a bed at the Rovers.

Has Stephen got away with it all once again?

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