Coronation Street star Todd Boyce warns of Tim danger in Stephen story

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street star Todd Boyce has warned that Tim Metcalfe could be in danger after getting on the wrong side of Stephen Reid.

The businessman has been on a murderous spree this year, with victims ranging from business rivals to his own family.

Tim became suspicious of Stephen after he entered into a relationship with Elaine, and has been keeping a close eye on him ever since his mother called off the engagement with the businessman.

stephen reid, tim metcalfe, coronation street

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Recent paparazzi photos showed Stephen attempting to strangle Tim as his lust for killing got the better of him, and Boyce confirmed that the character would be in grave danger in upcoming weeks.

“[Stephen] sees Tim as an annoyance,” he began. “But Tim has lulled Stephen into a false sense of security. Stephen’s arrogance has led him to underestimate Tim - [he] is keeping his enemy close by allowing him to stay in the flat.

“[Stephen] isn’t planning on harming Tim but if he got run over, I don’t think Stephen would rush to save him. However, Tim is putting himself in the most dangerous place [by] delving a bit too much into Stephen’s life.

“Other people who have been in this place where Tim is are no longer with us - [he] is walking a fine line,” added Boyce, before he praised his co-star Joe Duttine. “I enjoy playing those scenes with Joe as there is so much going on between the two of them on so many levels.”

stephen reid, tim metcalfe , coronation street

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Boyce, who debuted as Stephen in 1996, recently spoke about the character’s increasing repentance for his crimes following a run-in with a victim’s relative, with the actor noting that Stephen would show contrition.

“The real issue is here that for one of the first times, he feels contrition after meeting Rufus' son at the memorial,” he revealed. “He's emotional about that for the first time. He's always been able to compartmentalise prior to this and move on from these murderers in an extraordinary way. But not that one.”

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