Coronation Street: Gemma is accused of poisoning Joseph

Episode 11,125 – 11,126 | Airs Friday 01 December 2023 at 20:00 on ITV1

In the flower shop flat, Billy shows Paul the Christmas jumpers he's bought, determined they get into a Christmassy mood for lunch at No.5.

With the Christmas lunch in full swing with Paul, Billy, Bernie Gemma and the quads having a great time, the mood is killed when Chesney and Joseph return home from the hospital with a child protection officer who wants to interview Gemma.

With everyone out of the house, Caitlin questions a horrified Gemma and suggests that she may have poisoned Joseph on purpose.

Meanwhile, Max returns the watch to Lauren and explains that it's too generous a gift and he can't accept it. Shona listens, mildly suspicious.

In the café, Bernie tells Shona about the missing £80 from the till. Shona confronts Lauren and accuses her of stealing the money to buy the watch and suspends her. Lauren's horrified.

Lauren tells Shona she doesn't need the job as she has a rich boyfriend. Max and Sabrina head round to Lauren's flat with cake and cider.

Elsewhere, Nina assures Asha that she's looking forward to lunch with Isla and her senior colleague, Miles, as it's time they got to know each other's friends. Nina arrives at Speed Daal in time to hear Asha bigging up her to Miles and Isla and explaining that she's a budding fashion designer.

Also today, Crystal calls at the Bistro and invites Ryan to join her at a new bar in town later. Ryan's delighted. Ryan takes a call offering him a job. He's taken aback and quickly covers in front of Leanne.

Finally, Sarge returns to No.3 laden down with Christmas presents. He explains to Ed that they didn't cost much but he couldn't see his family go without.

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