This Coperni bag is made almost entirely out of air

coperni rtw fall 2024 ambiance
This bag is made almost entirely out of airWWD - Getty Images

For autumn/winter 2024, Coperni took its vision to the heavens, quite literally. From star-shaped stilettos to monolithic clutches, the Parisian brand embraced the intergalactic, filling the catwalk with dresses that looked like space blankets and ballooning skirts that called to mind Saturn’s rings.

coperni  backstage paris fashion week womenswear fallwinter 2024 2025
Olga Gasnier - Getty Images
coperni  backstage paris fashion week womenswear fallwinter 2024 2025
Olga Gasnier - Getty Images

But there was one glowing accessory that totally stole the show: the Air Swipe bag, which is composed of the lightest solid material on planet Earth.

The Air Swipe, which seems like it was plucked right off the spaceship in Arrival, is an egg-shaped, nearly-transparent clutch that is composed of 99 per cent air and 1 per cent glass. According to the Coperni creative team, the glass portion is actually the nanomaterial silica aerogel, which they describe as “very delicate (and non-fragile).”

coperni rtw fall 2024 runway
WWD - Getty Images

Prior to becoming fashion’s latest breakthrough, this material was used by NASA to collect stardust, because it can withstand extreme heat and a pressure of 4000 times its weight.

Developed by Professor Ioannis Michaloudis — a researcher and visual artist who is at the forefront of incorporating silica aerogel into the fine arts — the Air Swipe is the largest object ever created with the nanomaterial...and it only weighs about 33 grams.

Now, as the Coperni creation flutters into our hands, it posits big questions about the future of accessorising. If we can make a purse practically out of air, what’s next? And does it mean a more sustainable future for fashion?

Of course, while we turn to clutches for style, we also expect them to hold stuff. When the bag was shared to the official Coperni Instagram account, one commenter expressed the thought on everyone’s mind, writing: “Does it serve the function of a bag tho??” In response, the Coperni account runners replied, “It can hold an iPhone ;).”

Well, there you have it, folks. Lightweight, sustainable, futuristic, and functional. As fashion months nears its end, Coperni is proving that the sky truly is the limit — and the O2 in it might be the key to all our favourite future bags.

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