Contentious late penalty sees Broncos edge Bulldogs

The Broncos have been gifted the game-winning penalty goal with 60 seconds remaining to beat the Bulldogs 22-20.

The Bunker ruled that Bulldogs fullback Moses Mbye had impeded Darius Boyd in the Broncos fullback’s attempt to gather the ball after a James Roberts kick.

With just over 60 seconds remaining and the score locked at 20-20, the Broncos launched a frenetic attacking raid on the fifth tackle, culminating in Roberts launching the ball into the air.

Mbye misjudged the floating bomb, letting it bounce into the in-goal where Boyd was attempting to gather it.

But Mybe reached out and grabbed his shoulder ever so slightly, jagging him back, enough for the bunker to award a penalty.

Jamayne Isaako slotted the easy penalty goal to secure victory as time expired.