Conor McGregor's incredible gesture for disabled fan

Conor McGregor has shown his softer side with a brilliant gesture for a disabled amateur fighter.

McGregor made arguably the worst decision he’s ever made on April 5, when he brought 20 or so friends with him from Ireland to attack a bus at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn that held several UFC fighters.

McGregor was arrested and faces a felony for his role in the incident. He threw a dolly, among other things, at the bus in an attempt to provoke rival Khabib Nurmagomedov.

But amidst the controversy has emerged a touching story that somewhat makes up for McGregor’s controversial month.

Amateur fighter Craig Rankin, who doesn’t have use of one of his legs, posted a video of himself training alongside McGregor on Friday.

McGregor is the biggest name in the game. Image: Getty

Rankin has Spina Bifida, and says he met McGregor at a McDonalds two years ago.

“I was expecting him to leave straight away but he didn’t, he stayed and talked to me for 10 minutes maybe more,” Rankin told Sports Joe of the chance encounter.

“In those 10 minutes I’ve never listened to someone with so much self-confidence nor have I been more fascinated by a human being in all my life.

“He said to me, ‘would you do the training yourself?’. Me being shy, I said ‘Eh I can’t I’d love to, though but I’m disabled’ Conor looked at me and said ‘So?’ Then shook my hand and left.

“I was curious as to why he didn’t label me like other people and gyms did, maybe he was being kind I thought.”

McGregor and Rankin train together. Image: Craig Rankin/Twitter

And McGregor didn’t just offer Rankin some words of wisdom, he invited him to Ireland’s most renowned gym for a training session.

“Yesterday the best fighter on the planet @TheNotoriousMMA helped me get through 3500 metres doin so with the use of one leg he didnt have to give me guidance or help me but he did and I’m entirely grateful this is SBG I Will Always Be Okay,” Rankin posted on Twitter.