McGregor facing huge lawsuit for angry outburst

Money isn’t an issue for Conor McGregor these days, so he may scoff at the lawsuit he's been served by a security guard over an incident in 2016.

The man claims he was hit by a can hurled by the Irishman during an infamous press conference with Nate Diaz, before the pair fought last August at UFC 202.

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In the suit, which was obtained by The Blast, William Pegg claims he incurred $5,000 in medical expenses after the energy drink can hit him in his back, and he's seeking $95,000 in damages from McGregor.

Simple maths helped Pegg arrive at the $95,000 figure.

He claims McGregor made $15 million for his fight at UFC 202 with Diaz and that McGregor "significantly" struck Diaz 166 times during the bout.

Fifteen million divided by 166 equals about $90,000, plus the $5,000 in medical expenses, and we get $95,000!

While McGregor, through his attorneys, denies responsibility, $95,000 is basically pocket change for the newly mega-rich UFC star, following last month's massive windfall from the Floyd Mayweather boxing fight.

The chaotic scenes at the UFC 202 press conference made headlines at the time, as McGregor and Diaz traded barbs.

Diaz and his team are seen throwin water bottles at the stage. Photo: Fox

McGregor turned up late, which made Diaz storm off the panel and return with ammunition.

In the video, McGregor called Diaz and his team a bunch of "crackhead esse's" and the southpaw fighter stormed back into the room with his team.

The media crowd went wild as Diaz gave a one-finger salute to McGregor, who sat back and chuckled.

Diaz flips the bird and goes off at McGregor. Photo: Fox
The Irishman, who was late to the conference, sat back and chuckled. Photo: Fox

Diaz muttered something to the Irishman who replied, "Shut your f***ing mouth, you'll do nothin'."

Pandemonium erupted when the fighters unleashed even more expletitive-laden insults at each other.

McGregor fires back and throws every bottle in sight. Photo: Fox

Diaz appeared to throw a bottle of water at McGregor who responded by pelting every bottle in sight from the stage.

Then the room erupted into a water bottle fight, as Dana White, president of the UFC, tried to put a stop to the bottle brawl