Conor McGregor teammate's 'savage' move hours after UFC 229

A fellow fighter has revealed Dillon Danis’ bizarre actions in the hours after the crazy scenes at UFC 229.

Danis was at the centre of the drama when Khabib Nurmogomedov launched himself at McGregor’s teammate after making the Irishman tap in the fourth round of their grudge match on Sunday.

On Tuesday, new video showed the moment Danis tangled with a member of Khabib’s team, enraging the Russian fighter and sparking his rampage.

Danis would have been enemy No.1 as Russian fans celebrated their man’s victory that night.

However UFC star Brian Ortega has revealed he spotted Danis partying BY HIMSELF in the hours immediately after the chaos.

“At first I was like damn, what are you doing here — especially alone,” Ortega told TMZ.

Khabib erupted at Danis. Image: Getty

“I was like ‘this guy’s a savage right now’.

“He had a hood on, trying to be low key, but he came up to me, he was respectful, he was like ‘hey man, you’re holding it down for the jiu jitsu community, you’re doing your thing, I admire you, I appreciate it.’

“He was cool about the whole situation.

“He wouldn’t really tell me much (about the brawl). He was like, ‘yeah man, s**t got crazy. These guys started throwing, I started throwing.’ One of his eyes was swollen. He was just telling me he got a concussion, so he got down too man.

“After that, he was going to walk out by himself, and I told my boy, I go ‘make sure this guy gets out of here alright,’ cause, you know, there seemed to be some Russians in that club.

“So I was like ‘make sure this guy gets out safely.’ Cause the last thing you want is this guy getting jumped going out.”

The incident that set Khabib off. Image: Twitter

As NRL star Luke Lewis revealed on Monday, a number of brawls erupted in and around T-Mobile Arena after Khabib’s victory.

“It broke out in the crowd — and then on the other side of the stadium it broke out in the crowd (too). There was chairs getting thrown, it was just going crazy,” he told Triple M.

“We went downstairs to walk out and all through the back of the stadium there was fights through the hallways, into the bar area. There were glasses and bottles getting thrown.

“We went back and sat in our chairs for an extra half-hour until it cooled down. Absolutely crazy.”

So for Danis to be out by himself amongst the Russian revellers shows he is either very brave or very silly.

McGregor cops medical suspension

The Irishman has been hit with a one-month medical suspension, with more sanctions potentially to follow.

McGregor was among the fighters medically suspended following UFC 229, following his mauling at the hands of the Russian at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

The rough bout was enough for the Nevada State Athletic Commission to hand McGregor a one-month medical suspension.

He was far from the lengthiest of suspensions, however, as several other UFC 229 athletes could potentially be on the sidelines until April 5, 2019.

Chief among those that could be out for six months is Anthony Pettis, who came up short against Tony Ferguson in the UFC 229 co-main event.

He and Ferguson had a bloody, back-and-forth battle, but Pettis’ coach stopped the fight after the second round, believing that Pettis had a broken hand. After the fight, Pettis was diagnosed by an athletic commission doctor as having a nasal fracture.