'What the f**k?': Conor McGregor's bizarre stunt shocks fans

Riley Morgan
Sports Reporter
Conor McGregor has puzzled fans after eating a bee as a snack during self-isolation. (Instagram)

Conor McGregor has puzzled fans after being filmed eating quite an unusual snack during his time in self-isolation.

The No.3 ranked light heavyweight has been vocal on Twitter recently as he called out his division, clearly eager to get back into the octagon.

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But the Irishman was seemingly enjoying the sun during his time in self-isolation and even decided to snack on some bees for his own amusement.

Posting a video on Instagram, McGregor is handed a jar of bees and pretends to trick his viewers after pouring them out on his body.

But the dead bees are quickly scooped back up in the jar, before McGregor prepares to eat one.

“Wasps are no good, just bees,” he jokes.

He then tries to pass off the insect as a delicious treat.

“Just eat them like jellies. What do they taste like, you can see the honey coming out of the back of them, look.”

But the realisation of what he is about to eat seems to sink in to The Notorious: “Oh my Lord what the f**k is this?”

When McGregor eats the chewy bee, it is clear he didn’t quite enjoy the snack.

The stunt, or new diet, had fans on social media questioning what on earth he was doing.

Despite the unusual stunt, UFC commentator Joe Rogan would be impressed with the attempt considering he was the former host of Fear Factor.