'Confused' Burgess convicted of intimidation in Australia

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Sam Burgess (C) played rugby league and union for England

Former England dual rugby international Sam Burgess was found guilty in a Sydney court Friday of intimidating his ex-father-in-law while in the midst of a messy marriage break-up.

Burgess, who last year stepped down from his role as a television commentator amid allegations of drug use and domestic violence, immediately announced he intended to appeal.

"I'm confused with the decision, I will appeal the decision and I won't say anything further," he told reporters outside Sydney's Moss Vale courthouse.

The 32-year-old was placed on a two-year good behaviour bond after being convicted of intimidating Mitchell Hooke, father of Burgess' ex-wife Phoebe, during a confrontation in October 2019, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported.

It said magistrate Robert Rabbidge found Hooke endured a "terrifying experience" as Burgess loomed over him, threatening and shouting profanities as an argument over child visitation rights escalated.

A separate charge of assault was dropped, the ABC reported.

Burgess spent most of his career in Australia with South Sydney while also playing 24 rugby league matches for England.

He also made a brief code-switch, playing five rugby union Tests for England, including at the 2015 World Cup.