‘Angry’: 30km traffic pile-up brings chaos

Traffic piling up on the Princes Highay.jpeg
A massive traffic pile-up has begun on a major Sydney road after roadworks ran over time. Picture: Live Traffic

A major Sydney road has been thrown into chaos after roadworks finished late, causing both lanes of traffic to be closed.

The M8 Motorway closed in both directions between the St Peters Interchange and King Georges Road at Beverley Hills about 5am on Tuesday after overnight roadworks finished late.

The delayed finish was a result of a fire sprinkler malfunction during planned overnight maintenance work which caused water to flood the road, a Transport Management Centre spokesperson said.

Traffic has finally started to ease as of 10am after cars backed up more than 30km to Ingleburn in south-west Sydney for more than two hours.

Traffic backed up on the M5. Picture LiveTraffic 4.JPG
Aerial vision shows the scale of traffic build up on the M5 Motorway after the M8 was closed. Picture: Live Traffic
Traffic remains backed up as far back as Camden at 9am. Picture Live Traffic.jpeg
Traffic remains backed up as far back as Edmondson Park near Camden Valley Way at 9am. Picture: Live Traffic
Traffic on the M5 at Liverpool at 9am. Picture Live Traffic.jpeg
Traffic on the M5 at Liverpool at 9am. Picture: Live Traffic

One lane reopened in each direction on the M8 Motorway just before 8am, but traffic remains at a near standstill an hour later.

A reduced speed limit of 40km/h is in place while maintenance crews clear water from the road.

Traffic backed up to Ingleburn. Picture: Live Traffic
Traffic has reportedly piled up for 27km on the M8 and onto the M5 Motorway just before 8am. Picture: Live Traffic
The traffic has backed up 27km along the M5 as of just before 8am. Picture: Live Traffic
Traffic cameras shows traffic backed up on the M5 Motorway near Camden. Picture: Live Traffic

Motorway crews remain on site and drivers are told to follow their directions and allow extra travel time as traffic is still heavy on the approach.

“Motorists should continue to exercise caution through the area,” a TMC spokesperson said.

Traffic on the Princes Highway. Picture: Live Traffic
Cars are stalled in both directions at St Peters. Picture: Live Traffic

Aerial photographs show cars piled up from Ingleburn to St Peters, creating a headache for commuters heading to work on Tuesday morning.

A commuter called into 2GB radio station to say he had been forced to slow down to just 15km/h on the 80km/h road.

“There’s gonna be a lot of angry’s bumper to bumper...i’m going 15km/h and about to stop again,” he said.

Motorists are advised to consider using the M5 East Motorway between Beverley Hills & Arncliffe or the M4-M8 Link between Haberfield and St Peters is open.

They are being urged to allow extra travel time and expect delays.