Comedian Nick Swardson Blames Alcohol, Edibles For Disastrous Stand-Up Performance

Actor and comedian Nick Swardson says alcohol and edibles were to blame for a disastrous stand-up performance in Colorado over the weekend that ended with him being escorted off the stage.

Swardson, best known for his portrayal of Terry Bernadino on “Reno 911!,” responded Monday to tweets about the debacle on X.

“Just casually woke up on TMZ. Travel tip: don’t drink and take edibles in high altitude,” he wrote. “Fucking brain diarrhea. I’ll make it up to you Beaver Creek!”

Footage of the truncated performance Sunday at the Vilar Performing Arts Center in Beaver Creek shows Swardson pledging to “rally” before appearing to lose his train of thought repeatedly during a joke about actor Jason Statham.

In another clip, the audience erupts in a chorus of boos as Swardson’s microphone is turned off and he proceeds to exit the stage with a crew member.

Moments after Swardson’s departure, a man who identified himself as the director of operations for Vilar Performing Arts Center issued an apology to the crowd, which had grown audibly restless.

“We’ve decided to conclude the show early in the best interest of those who bought tickets,” he said, as seen in a video. “We apologize for what you’ve seen tonight.”

On social media, some fans blasted the comedian for his “incoherent rambling” and accused him of being “wasted out of his mind.”

The venue later noted in an apology email to attendees that Swardson’s show had failed to meet its “standards as a world-class presenter of the performing arts.”

“Please accept our sincere apologies, and be in touch if there is anything we can do to further assist you,” the email said, according to The Denver Post.

According to his website, Swardson is slated to return to the stage Tuesday night in Aspen, Colorado.