Colts receiver plays possum for spectacular sneaky TD

Indianapolis Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton's 80-yard touchdown against the Houston Texans might just have been the sneakiest of the season.

Hilton received the ball from quarterback Jacoby Brissett on the Colts' own 25-yard line, giving him plenty of work to do to make up ground.

With the first down assured it was all about the best possible result, and as it turns out that was a touchdown.

Hilton had three defenders blocked by teammates, but by the time he got into Houston's half he ran into trouble.

A well-timed step, however, sent the Texans defender slipping to the floor and Hilton leapt over him -- and pretended he had been caught.

With other defenders assuming as much and slowing down, Hilton waited till one had passed him and sprinted the remaining 30 yards for the touchdown.

The score put the Colts up 17-7 in the eventual 20-14 victory, their first in four games.

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