Colts owner Jim Irsay creates confusion after saying Andrew Luck's calf injury is actually 'small bone issue'

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Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck hasn’t practiced in days, won’t be taking part in this week’s joint practices with the Cleveland Browns, and has been on the field only as an active participant three times since April.

All this time, we’ve been told Luck is dealing with a calf issue, and Indianapolis is exercising an extreme amount of caution with their franchise leader after what happened with the Golden State Warriors’ Kevin Durant in the spring.

But have we gotten the real story?

Jim Irsay: ‘Small little bone’

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay. (Getty Images)
Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay gave a curious medical assessment of QB Andrew Luck. (Getty Images)

Colts owner Jim Irsay was on SiriusXM NFL radio on Monday night and was of course asked about Luck and since it’s Irsay, he gave an odd answer.

“I really feel confident that he’s going to find a way through this thing,” Irsay said, via Stephen Holder of The Athletic. “I think after the Durant thing everyone’s erring on the side of caution but, quite frankly, this is not even in the Achilles tendon.

“It’s a bone – I’m not good at these things – but it’s ... a small little bone. [Former Colts players] Ryan Diem had it and Raheem Brock, I think had it, the [athletic] trainers told me.

“But he’s doing very well. Very excited. He’s a married man, baby on the way. And he couldn’t be more excited for the season. We wish there wasn’t any little tweaks at all, but as you know, these things come up and you’ve just got to deal with them.”

All of which is ... word salad and offers little to no clarity on what’s actually happening with Luck.

We’ve seen Luck play through injury before, and we’re still a little over three weeks away from the regular-season openers so we’ll all have to wait and see, apparently.

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