$3.50 Coles hot cross buns beat Aldi and Woolies for top spot

Hot Cross Bun lovers should be heading straight to their local Coles for their Easter fix this year according to a report by consumer group Choice who found the store's traditional fruit and chocolate offerings are the best on the market when it comes to taste and price.

In the annual assessment of the buns on offer for hungry Aussies, Choice found that Coles' six-pack of chocolate hot cross buns are the best value for money and the tastiest treats on offer compared with rival retailers Aldi, Woolworths, Costco and more.

Coles store image
Coles is the place to be for hot cross bun lovers this Easter. Photo: Getty Images

For the report, 21 hot cross bun products from a variety of retailers are judged by a panel of blind testers who give a taste score based on flavour (50%), appearance (20%), aroma (15%) and texture (15%).


The system found the very best in the market is none other than Coles chocolate hot cross buns which retail for $3.50 and came in number one with a score of 84%.

Coles hot cross buns image of baker with Coles logo holding them
Coles buns were the top scoring on the market. Photo: Supplied

Second spot was taken by the supermarket's traditional fruit option which was given 80%.

CHOICE food editor, Rachel Clemons said the results were quite clear, Coles buns are the best buns.

“Coles was clearly the winner in our testing this year, with their hot cross buns coming first in both the chocolate and traditional fruit categories," she said in a statement.

“Our experts really liked the Coles traditional fruit bun, praising it for its shiny colour and bouncy texture."

She says the fruit option stood out for the ratio of raisin to bun, and the same went for the chocolate chips.

"If you like quite a lot of fruit in your hot cross bun, this one's for you," she said. "The Coles chocolate hot cross bun is great for the chocolate fiends out there. You get a good chocolate hit from this one, with lots of chocolate chips evident."

Coles Chocolate Hot Cross Buns win bets hot cross buns in Choice test picture against white background
Choice's editor says it was the choccie to bun ration that cinched the win for Coles. Photo: Supplied

Coles General Manager for Bakery, Deli and Seafood, Andy Mossop said they are delighted with the very favourable result.

“Receiving this honourable recognition by CHOICE further proves we have some very special hot cross buns at Coles, and it’s testament to our hardworking bakers and teams who come into work each day kneading the perfect mix to create our mouth-watering buns for our customers to enjoy this Easter,” he said.

Coming third was Aldi Australia's Special selected Tradition Fruit six-pack which retails for slightly less at $2.90 and received a score of 79%, just beating out Bakers Delights $8 Traditional fruit six-pack which was given 78%.

Woollies came in sixth with their $3.50 six-pack of Cadbury Chocolate buns awarded 74%.

Coles says they have sold a jaw-dropping, or mouth-watering, 30 million buns since the seasonal treat hit shelves in December and, after these results, we predict bun-mania will soon sweep the supermarkets.

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