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Despite the Coles' MasterChef knives promotion finishing months ago, controversy surrounding the sought-after products seems to have continued.

The blade on one of the promotion's steak knives, which had apparently been used just a handful of times, has cracked almost all the way through.

"Did no more than slice a steak or two and the odd chop, plus a trip or two in the dishwasher," the customer, from Victoria, said.

"[Is this a] known fault? Anyone else have the same? Glad it didn’t fly off into someone," she added.

A photo of the broken knife showed it had snapped just above the handle.

A knife almost completely split. Source: Twitter
This knife had apparently been used only a handful of times before snapping. Source: Twitter

The shopper collected two steak knives from Victoria's Bentleigh store after accruing a sufficient number of points.

The woman said her biggest concern was that others could be injured if their knives broke.

A Coles employee did not address this specific concern when responding to her Facebook post, but instead told her the steak knives were all out of stock.

"Thanks for your patience. We've followed this up and unfortunately, we don't have any steak knives left. However, we'd be able to send you our a large cook's knife," they told her.

"If you'd like us to arrange this, please send us a DM with your postal address."

Coles responds to complaint

A Coles spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia the matter was under investigation. 

"We’re sorry to see this has happened. We have contacted the customer and will be investigating the matter with our supplier," they said.

"We have provided safety and care instructions for handling our MasterChef knives online at" 

One of the MasterChef steak knives in the Coles promotion has snapped. Source: AAP
One of the MasterChef steak knives in the Coles promotion has snapped. Source: AAP

Availability issues caused early promotion end

Earlier this year the supermarket giant left many shoppers underwhelmed with its knives promotion, ending it early following a long streak of availability issues.

Shoppers could accrue one knife point for every $20 they spent if they scanned their Flybuys card and begin redeeming free knives once 20 points were accrued.

Shortly after the promotion began in November, 2020, however, people began expressing difficulty in redeeming their points for knives, complaining their local stores consistently had limited stock

Customers were particularly annoyed to learn the promotion, planned to end on February 9, had finished early on January 26.

Despite the January 26 finish, which was not officially advertised, customers reported still receiving email material from Coles saying they still had time to redeem knives.

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