From Cold Scrambled Eggs to Squirrel —Wedding Guests Reveal the Strangest Food They've Been Served at Receptions

A recent post on Reddit sparked a lively conversation about some of the more unappetizing fare seen at weddings

<p>Jess Milton/Getty</p> A stock image of food

Jess Milton/Getty

A stock image of food

People are lifting the lid on some of the worst food they've ever been served at a wedding.

A recent post on Reddit's popular Wedding Shaming subreddit sparked a lively — and hilarious — discussion about some of the unappetizing and stomach-turning fare that guests have encountered at wedding receptions.

Some recalled being served food that was completely cold or still frozen — including fish, scrambled eggs and pizza — while others griped about there being no food at all and leaving the wedding so hungry that they had to hit up a fast-food restaurant on the way home.

A few commenters even shared stories of getting sick with food poisoning from undercooked chicken or food that was left out in the heat too long.

"At my cousin's wedding I chose the Chicken Cordon Bleu. With my very first (and last) bite I knew something was wrong and could eat no more. That night started a three-day food poisoning odyssey. I later heard everyone who had the chicken got sick," one person commented.

<p>Imgorthand/Getty</p> A stock image of food


A stock image of food

Another poster was shocked to find squirrel on the menu. "They hunted squirrel and served it," they wrote.

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Yet another commenter shared that they attended a wedding where the caterer prepared only sugar-free, "heart-healthy" food because the groom had experienced a cardiac health scare prior to his nuptials. "Everyone got crazy diarrhea or abdominal cramping from a mix of all the sugar substitutes on the market being used in the meal and cakes. I'd have refrained from eating if I had known," they wrote.

Another poster said they attended a wedding where the only vegan option was a small plate of lettuce. "Legitimately just a plate of shredded lettuce with side cups of olive oil and balsamic vinegar as dressing," they wrote, prompting another Redditor to comment that they were once served "boiled spinach in half a tomato" as a vegan option.

One commenter remembered attending an outdoor wedding with "a potluck buffet" that attracted some unwelcome guests. "During the ceremony, we watched bugs swarm the food. The mother of the bride tried to shoo the bugs away as best she could. While waiting in the buffet line we watched her admit defeat with the shooing and just stir the bugs into the dishes," they wrote.

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Karl Tapales/Getty

A stock image of food

For yet another Redditor, the mere odor of the food on offer was enough to put them off. "I will say the worst I ever had was at one wedding, the food came out and everyone complained it smelled like dog food," they recounted. "Imagine paying thousands and everyone says it smelled like dog food."

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Another person — who described her sister's wedding as "a s--- show from start to finish — said the newlyweds purchased just five appetizer platters from Walmart to feed more than 200 guests. "Those platters were emptied in 10 minutes. I had a baby carrot and two grapes. Half the guests were starving and drunk — not a good combo," they recalled.

The post also featured a comment about a wedding where the bride and groom offered their guests some basic sandwich components and left them to fend for themselves.

"We had sandwich fixings. Not sandwich platters, or trays, or po' boys... Nope. There were bags of Great Value white bread, packs of ham and Kraft American cheese singles. I don't even remember there being mayo or mustard. Just dry DIY ham and cheese, with jugs of fruit punch, and no chairs or tables," they griped.

<p>Alexander Maniakhin/Getty</p> A stock image of food

Alexander Maniakhin/Getty

A stock image of food

That wasn't the only complaint about sandwiches. "Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the crusts cut off," one person chimed in, jokingly adding, "I guess with the crusts being cut off that made them posh for the wedding."

There were also plenty of commenters who were disappointed by the dessert options. One shared that they attended a wedding where the cake was covered in Swarovski crystals. "We had to spit them out like seeds," they wrote. "Huge and expensive cake, most of it was left untouched."

Another guest described drooling over the bride and groom's delicious looking wedding cake — only to find out they weren't permitted to sample it.

"I’ve been dying to eat this cake all night," they explained. "I walk up to the cake table and I ask for a piece from the bride. She says, 'Oh no, honey, we aren’t giving out this cake.' They then proceeded to hand out pieces of dry fruitcake wrapped in paper doilies to all the guests. I’ve never been so disappointed."

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