Clement impressed by rapid Rangers progression

Rangers manager Philippe Clement says he has never seen a team of his progress as quickly as he has in his short time at Ibrox.

The Belgian believes that the players' collective focus and the fact that they came from "a very low and deep point" explains why they have developed so quickly under his tutelage, while also stressing there is still plenty of work to do.

“It is not yet that the team knows what to do in each situation, we are still working on that but that is normal, it is three and a half weeks, really short,” Clement said.

“But it is important that they start to learn what to do as a team against every formation and they are getting better and better at that.

“Everything becomes faster, smoother, because it becomes more natural.

“We are not working with robots or machines we are working with people. You don’t know what is going to happen, there are so many things you can’t control.

“At the moment the players are really focused, really concentrated on every meeting that they are making big steps forward, faster.

“And I have to say this is the fastest way that a team I have worked with has reacted because of the concentration, maybe also because they come from a very low and deep point and they realised it.

“I know if everybody starts to do the things together that we will create a good team, who creates a lot of chances, who doesn’t give away a lot of chances and then it is about fine tuning.”