'Not against it': Cleary has his say on reduced interchanges

Matt Encarnacion

Wests Tigers coach Ivan Cleary believes there is a strong appetite for reducing the number of interchanges for the second time in three years, but is unsure if it will result in a decrease in injuries.

Cleary will form part of the NRL competition committee that will meet on Friday, with the possibility of cutting the substitutions from eight to six high on the agenda.

"I think it's really worth having the discussion thinking seriously about it," Cleary said.

"Everyone's always talking about trying to better the game and I think that's really important that we all do that. I guess you've got to look into the stats about injuries and all that type of thing.

"I'm certainly not against it. But in time, the right discussions will be had and hopefully the right decisions will be made for the game."

The development comes following a News Corp report that the NRL is looking at a correlation between the amount of injuries and reduction in interchanges in recent years.

Other arguments include introducing more fatigue into the game, however the decision could be met with some resistance from coaches who have altered their roster accordingly.

It is understood the total amount of games missed per season has decreased in the past three years, a period where the NRL progressed from ten interchanges to eight.

"There's studies going on about that. You've got to have a certain sample period to work out exactly and make an informed decision. It's definitely worth discussing," Cleary said.