Ring girl controversy turns seriously ugly

Chris Eubank Jr has courted controversy with a video uploaded to Twitter that shows his father ushering ring girls away from a camera shot.

The British world champion boxer is seen in an interview after defeating Avni Yildirim with a third round knock out.

Two rings girls quickly appear behind the 28-year-old as is common practice to get sponsor's advertising on screen.

However they are quickly ousted by Eubank’s father, himself a former world champion boxer.

The ring girls appear behind Eubank Jr. Pic: Twitter

Eubank Jr posted the video with a cheeky caption that read: "To all ring girls. Do not photobomb me as my dad has a very particular set of skills. He will look for u, he will find u & he will pie u."

While the tweet and caption were taken in good humour by a large majority of those on social media, and retweeted over 5000 times, some took great exception to the sentiment.

Eubank Jr's controversial tweet. Pic: Twitter

Most notable was singer Lily Allen who quickly made the dialogue extremely heated and personal by making reference to the fact Eubank Jr was forced into adoption as a youngster.

"They are doing their job. Your dad went bankrupt and gave you to a stranger in Vegas, the only photobomber here is him. #respectwomen," Allen wrote.

The champion boxer refused to let the argument die there though, hitting back at Allen while making reference to her relationship with drugs and alcohol.

“It’s called banter Lily. You’re well known for abusing drugs and alcohol so maybe focus on respecting yourself 1st before worrying about others.”

Allen's respond was blunt.

Eubank Jr was sent by his father to live in Las Vegas in 2006, in an effort to provide them with better education.

The talented fighter recently said he would consider a switch from boxing to MMA, but only if the money was right.

The 28-year-old has a 25-1 record since debuting in 2012.

However, if a significant offer came his way, IBO super-middleweight champion Eubank would be open to the idea of ending his boxing career to take up UFC.

"If the money is there, I will entertain the thought of transferring over to MMA," he told The Sun.

"But, like I said before, you'd have to pay me a lot because, financially, I'm in a very secure position in the boxing world.

"So it will have to take a lot to pull me out of that position to MMA fight - but anything's possible."

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