'Bats**t crazy': Snowboarder creates history with 'amazing' somersault trick

Riley Morgan
Sports Reporter
Chris Corning became the first person to complete a quad cork 1800 on a Big Air scaffold jump. (Getty Images)

Chris Corning has created history after becoming the first person to land a quad cork 1800 off a Big Air scaffold jump.

The 20-year-old American was in rare form at the Big Air World Cup in Atlanta and he had the crowd on their feet after attempting and landing four spins off a five-metre jump.

“He nails it,” the commentators said in disbelief.

“Almost goes down, but nails it.”

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Corning was over the moon after sticking the landing and creating history.

The insane feat was lauded on social media for its high degree of difficulty.

Corning, 20, was competing in the unique competition inside the Atlanta Braves’ SunTrust Park.