Chris Christie Booed at Florida Rally After Opposing Trump

Octavio Jones/Reuters
Octavio Jones/Reuters

Ex-New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was booed while speaking out against Donald Trump in Florida at the Florida Freedom Summit. Christie was the second Republican to get booed at the event on Saturday after a crowd booed former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson for saying it was likely Trump would be found guilty for a felony offense. Christie, who is running a second time for the presidency after dropping out of the race in 2016 is polling poorly behind former President Trump. At the summit, he told hecklers that they “fear the truth” after they booed him and shouted things like “Trump” and “Drop out now!” at the stage. “What a shock, you’re for Trump, I’m gonna fall over dead,” Christie told the rowdy crowd. “Now look, every one of those boos, every one of those catcalls, every one of those yells will not solve one problem we face in this country.”

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