Chloe Bailey Surprised to Learn She Can Make Money on TikTok Live: 'Now How Do I Collect That?'

The "FYS" singer was shocked after learning that TikTok stickers could translate into real dollars

<p>Joi Stokes/WireImage</p> Chloe Bailey in Atlanta in January 2024

Joi Stokes/WireImage

Chloe Bailey in Atlanta in January 2024

Chloe Bailey was in for a surprise when she started up a TikTok Live stream on Tuesday.

Earlier this week, the “FYS” singer, 25, appeared on TikTok Live for over an hour, chatting with her fans and sharing updates about her music and other goings-on.

But as her fans began sending her flowers and hearts, Bailey quickly realized that the livestream’s viewers weren’t just sending their love — they were sending her cash gifts.

“Oh, this is money you all are sending me? It’s not just cute little [emojis?]” she said, trailing off.

“Oh, that’s why they go: ‘Ice cream, yum, yum, thanks for the roses!’” the singer and actress realized, harkening back to a viral moment from 2023, when social media users were inspired by TikTokers like Pinkydoll to “act like non-player characters” in order to make money off their livestream viewers’ emoji-based gifts.

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“Now how do I collect that?” she half-jokingly asked her audience, as she tried to figure out how to find the funds that fans were sending her. “Wait a minute!”

“Dollar make me holler,” Bailey continued, laughing along to jokes that her viewers commented. “Y’all making me get some money for talking? Y’all like me that much?”

“Somebody said, ‘Come back on here,’” she finished the short clip from the Live. “I’m gonna come back on here every day!”

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For those in the same boat as the “Do It” singer and want to know how to collect any funds they may have received from a livestream, TikTok says it works like this: stickers and diamonds, a.k.a. the gifts that fans can send to their favorite creators on TikTok, each have their own monetary value, ranging from 99 cents to over $500.

TikTok viewers purchase those gifts by using coins, and at the end of a livestream, creators can see in their settings just how much they received in gifts in the “balance” tab in the app’s settings before transferring their money to a bank account.

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Outside of TikTok, Bailey and her sister Halle Bailey recently opened up about their forthcoming projects, teasing in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE back in February that she had some music releases on the horizon.

"I would definitely just say you'll see new music and new projects, and more seeing us together,” Halle teased. “It's more blessings, and we're just really grateful and excited to be continuing.”

"The possibilities are endless, and I'm just really proud of my sister, and I'm proud of myself," Chloe added. "We still have a long way to go to where our goals are, so we are just going to keep pushing."

The pair also called their upcoming joint ventures “nostalgic” — as their last project together,  their album Ungodly Hour came out nearly four years ago.

"We're definitely working on really exciting things together, and it's been very nostalgic," Chloe teased. "It's bringing us back to our roots, and we can't wait until we can present that to the world."

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