Chilling video shows underground bunker where boy, 7, was kept hidden

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A shocking video shows the grim basement where a seven-year-old boy was held hostage by a suspected paedophile for 52 days.

The child was kidnapped as he got off his school bus in Russia’s Vladimir region by Dmitry Kopylov, 26, who is alleged to have sexually abused him.

The boy was rescued and reunited with his parents after a tip off by Interpol.

Russian special forces cut through a steel door and broke a window to enter the lair where he was held.

TV news footage still of green wooden house.
The house where the seven-year-old boy was held. Source: Australscope/ East2West

The kidnapped boy initially “laughed with joy” when they entered but later cried.

Kopylov was captured after allegedly boasting about holding the boy in online chats between paedophiles on the dark web.

The latest footage shows the chilling low-ceilinged basement with bare walls where the boy was imprisoned.

The spooky underground bunker with a jail-style bed and a heater was sound-insulated and located beneath Kopylov’s house in the village of Makarikha some 287 kilometres from Moscow.

A hatch door led to an even lower level. The alleged kidnapper lived upstairs.

When heavily armed officers stormed the building the suspect was sitting with the boy on a sofa.

Footage shows Kopylov being held by special forces officers.

While still being carried out of the house, the boy - shown in the arms of a plain clothed Russian policeman - is heard berating the officers for smashing the window when they broke in.

“You shouldn't have broken this window,” they boy said.

The boy was kept in a room with low-ceilings containing only a cot a heater.
The boy was held in a sound-proofed basement containing just a cot and a heater. Source: Australscope/ East2West
Stairs leading to the room where the boy was kept in the cellar of a house in Russia.
The boy was brainwashed by the peadophile that had kept him hidden in his cellar, police said. Source: Australscope/ East2West

The officer told him not to worry since he would soon be going back to his mother and father.

The policeman asked the boy if he wanted to return to the building.

"Well, if you want to come back, you will, otherwise, of course, it's better not to,” the boy replied.

Sources said that the boy had been “brainwashed” by his abductor.

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