Football world baffled as 'child' smoking at game goes viral

Footage from a football match in Turkey has gone viral after it showed a 'boy' openly smoking a cigarette in the stands.

The clip surfaced during a match between Turkish giants Fenerbahçe and Bursaspor.

The broadcasters were conducting a live cross at the stadium when the camera panned to a shot of the crowd.

Among the supporters in the stands was what appeared to be a young boy, who could be seen taking a long drag from a cigarette.

Video of the smoking supporter in Turkey went viral on social media. Pic: BeIn Sports

He was sitting next to a child, who at first glance, appeared to be a similar age to smoking supporter.

None of the fans around the smoking 'child' seemed overly bothered by the scenes, which only added to the curious nature of the clip.

Details of the smoking 'boy' soon began to emerge that painted a very different picture.

In a reply to one of the initial tweets that showed video of the incident, a Turkish fan claims the male featured in the clip is actually a 36-year-old man.

While it's hard to confirm the veracity of the reports, a subsequent photo of the supporter certainly supports the theory that he's older than originally thought.

Regardless of his age, the fan was tempting fate by smoking in the stands in the first place.

Turkey has a law that slaps anyone caught smoking in a designated smoke-free zone a fine of around $23.