Chicago Bulls unsurprisingly listed among biggest 2024 trade deadline regrets

To the surprise of no one outside of the Chicago Bulls‘ front office, the storied ball club has ignominiously found itself included in yet another article highlighting the biggest regrets of the NBA’s 2024 trade deadline. Bleacher Report’s Zach Buckley has the Bulls on the list for “snoozing through the deadline (again)” after Chicago stood pat for the third consecutive deadline.

“This group tops out at mediocrity, and given how many veterans are in the rotation, it’s hard to even envision the ceiling raising any higher,” writes Buckley. “That’s why this front office’s unwavering commitment to this core is so baffling for external observers, who’ve long called upon the club to blow up the roster and start over.”

“Chicago had a .471 winning percentage at the time of the trade deadline,” notes the B/R analyst. “Its post-deadline win rate is .526, which is better but still nowhere in the neighborhood of championship contention.”

“Most franchises try avoiding the NBA’s middle class like the plague,” he writes. “The Bulls, on the other hand, are busy crafting workout plans for all the mileage they apparently intend to log on the treadmill of mediocrity.”

“This was Chicago’s (latest) chance to choose a direction, either by loading up for a playoff run or unloading win-now talent for win-later assets. Instead, the Bulls never turned and simply plowed into that fork in the road. Again.”

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire