Should the Chicago Bulls trade Zach LaVine to the Detroit Pistons for fifth pick of the 2024 NBA draft?

We have heard rumbles about the Chicago Bulls perhaps trying to move up in the 2024 NBA draft lottery to get the player they have set their sights on (whoever that may be), but sparse chatter about what such a move might actually look like.

But one team analyst recently made a stab at creating a framework and a range of targets on such a swap, hinting at dealing away Zach LaVine and the Bulls’ 11th overall pick for Isaiah Stewart and the fifth overall pick of the draft. This would be the cohost of the “CHGO Bulls” podcast, Will Gottlieb, who proposes the Bulls then use that pick to pursue University of Connecticut big man Donovan Clingan or other top prospects in the draft.

Would such a deal make sense for both parties? Could both teams find easier, less costly ways to fill key roles on their rosters moving forward? Or is this a slam dunk of an idea?

Take a look at the clip embedded above to hear his take and react.

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire