Cher's Son Elijah Blue Allman Says He's Sober, 'Does Not Need the Help' Mom Is Offering Via Conservatorship Request

Cher filed to become her son's estate conservator earlier this month amid alleged fears for his mental health and substance abuse issues

<p>Ron Davis/Getty</p> Elijah Blue Allman and Cher in California in 1994

Ron Davis/Getty

Elijah Blue Allman and Cher in California in 1994

Cher’s son Elijah Blue Allman and his wife are hitting back against the singer’s claims that his alleged mental health and substance abuse issues have put him in need of an estate conservator.

In multiple court documents filed Monday and obtained by PEOPLE, Allman, 47, and his wife Marieangela King, 36, maintain that the star is sober and is working on getting his finances in check, and therefore does not need to be placed under a conservatorship.

“I am doing well and do not need the help my mother is offering,” Allman writes in one of his filings, noting that he recently reached 30 days of sobriety, his “first major milestone in recovery,” and that he and his wife have reconciled after he filed for divorce in 2021.

Cher, 77, filed to be the sole conservator of her son’s (whom she shares with late ex-husband Gregg Allman) estate on Jan. 3, writing that she feared regular distributions from his trust would be “immediately” spent on drugs. Two days later, a judge denied her request for an immediate temporary conservatorship.

In a filing of her own on Monday, King slammed Cher’s claims that Allman was suffering from a mental health disorder, and accused the “Believe” singer of using “her wealth, fame and power” to cut King out from making decisions.

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<p>Michael Bezjian/WireImage</p> Elijah Blue Allman and his wife Queenie in 2013.

Michael Bezjian/WireImage

Elijah Blue Allman and his wife Queenie in 2013.

She claimed that Cher is “categorically unfit to serve as conservator,” as she’s incapable of “managing her own affairs,” and has allegedly “never known the security code to her own home, does not drive, does not prepare her own meals or dress herself, and has admitted to me that is a ‘manic depressive.’”

King also claims that Cher brought Allman to Mexico against his will in October, forcing King to travel there from Los Angeles each day in order to “rescue” her husband “from the captivity his mother arranged.” She writes that she eventually had him removed from the “prison-type” facility in December.

Since then, King claims in the documents that Allman has been drug tested regularly, attends AA meetings five to six times per week and talks regularly to Dr. Howard Samuels, whom King says has been “instrumental” in Allman’s recovery (In a filing of his own, Samuels says he meets with Allman weekly and that he is doing well).

“I believe that people in Elijah’s family are emotional triggers for him,” she writes. “I have witnessed and experienced abusive behavior coming mostly from Elijah’s mother… but also from his siblings - Chaz and Devon - and (of course) [Cher’s personal assistant]. It is vital that Eljiah be surrounded by sober people who are part of the AA community - which most of his family members are not.”

King, who is known professionally as Queenie, also accuses Cher of “unlawfully holding” a Yamaha baby grand piano that Allman’s father gifted him as a child.

<p>Vince Bucci/Newsmakers/Getty</p> Elijah Blue Allman and Cher in 2001.

Vince Bucci/Newsmakers/Getty

Elijah Blue Allman and Cher in 2001.

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Meanwhile, Allman’s attorney Steven Brumer also filed a statement of his own, writing that his client is working on his marriage and managing his finances.

Brumer notes that Allman’s relationship with his mother is “strained,” and that he believes she “suffers from manic depressive disorder” and a “chemical dependence.”

News of Cher and her son’s family tensions broke in September, when a report surfaced that Cher had allegedly hired four men to forcibly remove her son from a New York City hotel room in an apparent intervention in November 2022.

In October, Cher broke her silence on the ordeal, telling PEOPLE, “that rumor is not true.”

She did, however, confirm that the private family matter was related to her son’s addiction issues, which he has spoken openly about over the years.

“I’m not suffering from any problem that millions of people in the United States aren’t,” Cher said of watching her son’s years-long struggles with substance abuse. “I’m a mother. This is my job — one way or another, to try to help my children. You do anything for your children. Whenever you can help them, you just do it because that’s what being a mother is. But it’s joy, even with heartache — mostly, when you think of your children, you just smile and you love them, and you try to be there for them.”

A court hearing in the conservatorship case is set for March 6.

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