Chelsea Blackwell Of ‘Love Is Blind’ Says She’s Getting ‘Death Threats’ From Fans

Chelsea Blackwell feels pretty “uncomfy” with certain fans’ reactions to her behavior in Season 6 of “Love is Blind” — and honestly, we don’t blame her.

Blackwell engaged in a pretty toxic relationship with fellow cast member Jimmy Presnell during Season 6, and their dynamic seemed to bring out the worst in both of them. Presnell was initially emotionally aloof with Blackwell, causing her to unleash all of her insecurities on screen, which was excruciating to watch.

But even if Blackwell’s antics were annoying, it seems some fans have taken their dislike of her a tad too far.

“You guys have every single right to, you know, have opinions on my life,” Blackwell said while addressing fans on Instagram last week. “But like, I don’t know, maybe cease the death threats for a minute? I don’t know, just a thought.”

Jimmy Presnell and Chelsea Blackwell in Season 6 of “Love is Blind.”
Jimmy Presnell and Chelsea Blackwell in Season 6 of “Love is Blind.” COURTESY OF NETFLIX

Earlier in her video, Blackwell acknowledged that she came off pretty cringe.

“Let’s be honest … woof,” Blackwell said about watching herself on “Love is Blind” over a year after Season 6 was filmed. “Imagine spending the year really working on yourself, finding those inner demons, and really becoming the woman you’ve always wanted to be, sitting with hardships in your life that you’ve never really sat with before — and then having to relive it. It’s mental, OK?”

Although Blackwell has taken some accountability for her bad behavior, other Season 6 cast members haven’t exactly done the same — and we’re looking at you, Trevor.