Chaos at Auburn continues as AD Allen Greene leaves school | College Football Enquirer

Yahoo Sports’ Dan Wetzel, and Sports Illustrated’s Pat Forde and Ross Dellenger discuss the chaos that continues to stream from Auburn as Athletic Director Allen Green announced his resignation, and debate what the departure of Greene means for head coach Bryan Harsin.

Video transcript


- Auburn fires Athletic Director, Allen Greene who hired Bryan Harsin. They couldn't fire Harsin last year so now they fire Greene, they're going to fire Harsin barring unexpected great success. I wish Auburn well, this is Auburn being Auburn. Allen Greene was not going to get renewed, he'd been looking for another job anyway. But, to me, you fire him now, you get an AD, and then you fire Harsin. And you have the search set up.

Allen Greene played at Notre Dame and then he worked with, I think, he worked with Danny White, the Tennessee Athletic Director both at Ole Miss and then at Buffalo for getting to Auburn. Anyway, Kevin White the former Duke and Norte Dame AD. He's retired now. Quote, "The apparent political dysfunction in Auburn is truly legendary. More specifically, this particular leadership transition unequivocally ascends Auburn to the," quote, "Catbird seat in terms of being tone deaf nationally."

And then Danny White comes in on the tag team, the father-son tag team. Now, he's the sitting AD at Tennessee. "Congratulations Allen Greene @AGreene4 for getting the heck out of a crazy situation for greener passions. I admire how you would manage that chaos with class and integrity. Looking forward to seeing your next chapter."

- I mean, think about this. Auburn, they are the house in the neighborhood that has two cars on cinder blocks in the front yard and a pet giraffe. And everybody's like, what the hell is going on there? And they're like we don't care. That's who we are, baby.

- A literal circus.

- And that's fine. You don't like our giraffe? You don't like our cars on cinder blocks? That's OK. We do.

- For 40 years, right? It's been that way down there. It actually amazes me. It's quite impressive how every five to seven years they field a championship-worthy football program. I mean, they played in a National Title, they've gone undefeated the last 15 years or so. And they've done it despite all of the behind the scenes, off the field circus there where the administration from time to time has no power at all. The big boosters and the powerbrokers there kind of run the gears of the university. It's been that way forever for all my lifetime, and it just amazes me how from time to time they actually fielded an impressive football team. So you've got to think, like, if they didn't have all the off the field drama, how consistently good could Auburn be?

- Bryan Harsin did a really good job coaching Boise State.

- Yeah.

- And we've been critical a little of his coaching last year, particularly in the Iron Bowl. But he's a good coach. If you hire Bryan Harsin to come to the SEC, you have to give them a little bit of time to recruit better. There's going to be a little bit of a curve. You can't just walk into the South and, boom, I'm going to get everybody. But you can't undermine them. And they just completely undermined the guy.

And this is the last year you want to do this, to Ross' point. The top 100 players nationally in the 24/7 Composite Rankings, 11 of them are from Alabama. Not Texas, not California, not Florida, Alabama. This is the greatest bumper crop of local recruits ever. And Auburn's going to get none of them maybe. 0 for 11. You're not going to beat Alabama for all 11, but you need to get three or four.

They may not get any of these guys. This is the year you want consistency and you let them build up. Now, if he can't recruit to that level, yeah, you should probably fire him because it's not going to work. But I think they pulled the rug out, we have no idea if he could recruit nationally at that level.