“The Challenge” season 39's Olivia reveals that Jay cheated on his girlfriend with her

During part 2 of the reunion, multiple cast members confirm they saw Olivia and Jay making out, despite him having a girlfriend back home.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for part 2 of The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion reunion.

All throughout The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion, fans have known about multiple cheating scandals — Callum had a girlfriend back home, but kept it a secret and started a fling with Michele, and Emanuel cheated on his girlfriend with multiple women in the house. But it turns out there was one more man who cheated this season... except he refuses to admit it, even after his fellow cast members confirmed it happened.

<p>MTV</p> 'The Challenge' season 39 reunion


'The Challenge' season 39 reunion

During part 2 of the season 39 reunion, Melissa reveals that she saw Olivia and Jay kissing on the bus after a night out at the bar. Nurys, Big T, and several other cast members confirm that Olivia and Jay were kissing and "canoodling" all night. But Jay keeps denying it, and over on the champion couch, Laurel and Cara Maria say it's because Jay had a girlfriend back home and doesn't want to confirm anything that makes him look bad.

When Jay continues to deny it, Big T calls him out for lying because she says she saw him and Olivia making out. Olivia calls it an "unfortunate situation" — she didn't want to say anything about it because she wanted to protect Jay — but "multiple people saw it with their own eyes." Jay still refuses to own up to it, but then finally says he was so drunk that night that he only remembers Asaf putting him to bed. He ends the conversation with, "I'll deal with it. My personal life is my personal life, thank you." Olivia once again confirms it's true, exposing Jay's lie.

Here are 19 other shocking moments from part 2 of the season 39 reunion.

<p>MTV</p> 'The Challenge' season 39 reunion


'The Challenge' season 39 reunion
  1. Darrell thinks Asaf is "thirsty and corny."

  2. Zara reveals James hasn't reached out to her in six months, and he says not saving her from the elimination that sent her home is one of his biggest regrets. He's embarrassed for becoming "a little bitch on this show." He apologizes to Zara, who says she forgave him months ago.

  3. While Big T is admitting it was immature of her to block Corey, Tori side-eyes Cara Maria and makes a comment about how someone else has blocked her. Cara just rolls her eyes.

  4. Corey apologizes for what he did to Big T and Melissa, admitting he took things too far. They accept his apology. They all admit it's "hard" to hate each other because they did become close in the house before Corey's betrayal, and Melissa cries about it.

  5. Berna sends in a video message telling Colleen that it's "game over" for her since everyone is now aware that Colleen uses people. She reveals that Colleen ignored her messages after the season ended, even though she played a "huge part" in Colleen's success. Colleen says she is grateful for Berna's protection, but they're not best friends and didn't understand why Berna was calling her so much. Ravyn laughs at how Colleen only made it to the final because of Berna and now she's ignoring her. Ravyn's pissed that she had genuine friendships that didn't protect her because Colleen was prioritized first due to Berna, only to find out that Colleen was just using Berna and it was all fake. Even Michele is shocked by how Colleen used Berna.

  6. Ed says Big T had nasty farts all season. She replies, "I think it's, like, a U.K. thing," and everyone laughs.

  7. Tori calls Laurel the "female Challenge GOAT." She also gives props to Cara Maria, but says Laurel "is truly in a league of her own." Cara agrees: "I think Laurel is incredible. That's the first thing me and Tori will agree on."

  8. Devin says Jordan is "No. 2" for the men, second only to CT. But Tori says Jordan is the best because he beat CT on Dirty 30. Laurel says Jordan overcomes his disability, while Cara says it's his confidence that makes him the best — though she hates that when a woman champ is confident, people push her down, while a man is celebrated for it.

  9. Laurel exposes Cara and Tori for "bickering" with each other throughout the reunion, and Tori wants to know why Cara blocked her on social media. Cara says it's "for another season," and she wants to go against Tori in a wrestling elimination. Tori thinks Cara "desperately" wants to be on a team with her for a Rivals season, and Laurel thinks Cara is a little jealous because Tori rose after Cara was gone. Cara doesn't agree, but Darrell thinks it's true.

  10. Nurys thinks her issue with Jay "started the moment [she] started dating Horacio," but Jay groans and disagrees. Michele says that Nurys picked the opposite side, but Nurys argues she was always loyal to the people she agreed to be loyal to from the beginning, which included Kyland and Horacio. She also points out she never made a move against Jay despite questioning his loyalties, and Jay says that Colleen and Berna just got in his head, and he was worried he was about to be betrayed for an all-women final. Jay apologizes to Nurys for the part Colleen and Berna played in his allegiances changing, and Nurys starts crying because he ruined a five-year friendship for a game. He tries to say they hardly hung out over those five years, but Nurys gets emotional about how hurt she was by the two people she though had her back when she never betrayed anyone. Jay says that he never wanted to hurt Nurys, but he didn't want to go against Kyland and Horacio in the final, and that he called her immediately after the season ended to apologize. But Nurys argues that Jay only called her a week ago, six months later, just because they were about to film the reunion. Jay explains that he needed time to decompress from the season before talking to her, but Nurys doesn't trust Jay anymore and doesn't want to be his friend.

  11. Callum reveals he had only been with his girlfriend, whom he had known for years before dating, for three weeks before filming began. Michele says that she should have gotten the full story from him but he lied. She reveals they continued texting after filming ended and she was planning to visit him in Manchester, and that she only learned he had a girlfriend when the premiere aired. Callum says he "can't be bothered to get into it," and he's apologized to Michele in private, but she wants him to own up to his actions in public because he "lovebombed" her knowing he was going to hurt her in the end. She ends up crying, prompting Callum to get teary as he says he didn't want to come to the reunion and that he's aware he's caused a lot of pain to Michele and his girlfriend. He apologizes again to both women for embarrassing them.

  12. Melissa reveals she and Kyland kissed in the hotel before the season began filming.

  13. Moriah says she and Bananas were good, but not in a relationship, prior to filming this season, and she feels bad that she hurt and embarrassed him by being with James. But she's glad it happened after learning that Bananas had a showmance on House of Villains. She says they have not spoken since and that Bananas "hates" her. Tori says that Bananas was very hurt and "highly emotional" after learning about Moriah and James, which is why she said he was "heartbroken" during her elimination appearance. She also says Bananas asked Tori to let Moriah know that he knew. Moriah apologizes again for hurting Bananas and reveals she and James just talk now because they live so far apart.

  14. Tori and Laurel reveal Bananas was "100 percent supposed to" show up for an elimination appearance, "and then he didn't" — Laurel thinks it's because of Moriah and James, but Devin and Tori reveal he "hurt his ankle."

  15. Emanuel confirms he and his girlfriend broke up when he got home from filming, and a lot of the cast make jokes about how he made "five" cheating mistakes this season. The cameras show Berna and Emanuel going into the bathroom together with Berna making... interesting noises through her microphone. Berna laughs later as she's questioned about it. It's clear that they hooked up, which shocks everyone.

  16. Michele almost walks out after she thinks that audio from her hooking up with Callum will be played, but producers promise it won't.

  17. Melissa apologizes to Ravyn for throwing the drink in her face. She admits she had hit her boiling point and took out all her anger on Ravyn, which she didn't deserve. Ravyn accepts her apology and wants to move past it.

  18. Laurel slips up and accidentally calls Michele "Nicole" at one point, and everyone laughs. Moriah shouts, "Nicole sucks!"

  19. The reunion ends with Emanuel winning another $2,500 for drinking a tuna and beet smoothie faster than everyone else.

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