Celtics fans post flier calling Kyrie Irving a 'coward' for missing Wednesday's game

Chris Cwik

Boston Celtics fans think Kyrie Irving is avoiding them. Irving — who signed with the Brooklyn Nets in the offseason — will miss his first chance to return to Boston on Wednesday due to a shoulder injury.

While the 27-year-old Irving has missed the past six games due to the issue, some Celtics fans aren’t buying that Irving is hurt. They believe Irving faked the injury so he wouldn’t have to return to the TD Garden to face Celtics fans. Irving left the team on a sour note.

Celtics fans welcome Kyrie back with fliers, boos

Celtics fans let Irving know that was the case Wednesday. Hours before the start of the contest, fliers were posted near TD Garden calling Irving a “coward” for missing the game.

That hostile welcome continued into the game, with numerous chants breaking out against the point guard.

In the 11 games he has played, Irving has put up solid numbers with the Nets. He’s averaging 28.5 points, 7.2 assists and 5.4 rebounds. That production was missed in a 121-110 loss on Wednesday.

Irving’s replacement as Celtics point guard, Kemba Walker, posted a crowd-pleasing 39 points to key the victory, his first game since a scary neck injury suffered last week.

Celtics fans frustrated they aren’t able to boo Irving on Wednesday will have to wait some time before they get a second opportunity. The Nets don’t return to Boston until early March.

That should give Celtics fans plenty of time to plot out some creative chants for Irving.

Kyrie responds with lengthy rant

After the game, Irving opted to respond to the boos in the most Kyrie Irving way possible: an extended, typed-out rant posted on his Instagram story about how people value sports over life.

Good to see that Kyrie is still Kyrie after the move to Brooklyn.


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