Celtic fans 'carried us through game' - O'Riley

Celtic midfielder Matt O'Riley tells BBC Sportsound: "It's amazing to be a part of this club. The fans make this club so special. They carried us through this game.

"We know how to win, we have been here before. At this club, you just don't stop fighting. It's in this club's DNA.

"Every season has its up and downs. Today, we showed our character."

Right-back Alistair Johnston tells BBC Scotland: "It's special. We wanted to send Joe [Hart[ out, not only with a trophy, but with a clean sheet.

"It's been a while against [Rangers] that we've kept a clean sheet, so that felt extra sweet. It was a battle but all the guys were up for it.

"It's in the DNA of this football club. You want to win trophies and the fans expect it, they demand it. We knew going into the last couple of months that we had none on the board but there was two to play for.

"We knew we had the quality there and we've kicked into gear. Big players need to step up and we had some really big performances."

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