Celtic 2-1 Rangers: What the manager said

Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers: "A brilliant result, Celtic v Rangers games are always about winning. The players gave everything and I'm so pleased for them.

"I thought we were outstanding up until the penalty, ironically. The energy in the stadium was incredible.

"We switched off for their goal, they should never get in at that moment.

"We have to be much better in that moment, it takes a wee bit of energy out of us missing the penalty.

"We made the game really tense at the end when there was no need for it to be.

"To beat Rangers for the third time this season, I tip my hat to the players for their mentality and their ability to get the job done.

"We're not over the line yet, but we're in a great place. I just said to the players we aren't over the line yet.

"Living rooms and bars and clubs around the world will be celebrating the victory, but we need to recover and look to finish the job on Wednesday night.

"It hasn't been a perfect season for us. The players have kept believing and progressing. When we've had those challenging monents, we stayed very unified and together.

"It's always the best team that wins after 38 games. We're not there yet, but the finish line is in touching distance."

Brendan Rodgers