Celebrity MasterChef loses first semi-finalist after uncooked pastry gaffe

celebrity masterchef 2023 semi final 1 line ip, left to right, marcus brigstocke, jamelia, shazia mirza, luca bish, mica ben, maz george, amy walsh, wynne evans
Celebrity MasterChef loses first semi-finalistBBC

Celebrity MasterChef spoilers follow.

Celebrity MasterChef began its 2023 semi-finals tonight (August 29), saying goodbye to one before the episode's end.

Tonight, eight remaining famous faces were whisked away to an early 1900s open-air museum village in County Durham to make food for the over 100 people who work there.

The celebs were split into two teams: one featuring Marcus Brigstocke, Luca Bish, Shazia Mirza and Jamelia, and the other consisting of Amy Walsh, Wynne Evans, Max George and Mica Ven.

It was former Gogglebox star Mica Ven who didn't make it to the final seven, but what went down to lead to this decision? Let's recap.

celebrity masterchef 2023 semi final 1 line ip, left to right, marcus brigstocke, jamelia, shazia mirza, luca bish, mica ben, maz george, amy walsh, wynne evans

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Each team had two and a half hours to create multiple mains and desserts, including a vegetarian option each. The red team, led by Amy, seemed to crack on fine, with Amy and Wynne keeping spirits high with a sing-song to Oliver!'s 'Food Glorious Food'.

Things were looking less fun for the blue team. Marcus made a curry when there was no rice, while Luca did well with the fish but seemed to forget to put any chips on. The team also didn't realise they hadn't come up with a veggie option until it was too late.

"The blue team is in a state of virtual collapse. It'll be touch-and-go to see if we get any food out of that tent at all," Gregg Wallace said in typically dramatic fashion.

As expected for people who pretend to live in the 1900s all day, the museum staff overwhelmingly went for Wynne's steak and ale pie with a suet crust (his grandmother's recipe), while Mica's mackerel was also popular.

Thanks to quick thinking from Shazia, who somehow found the time to handmake chapatis to go with the curry, that dish went down well, as did Luca's fish and chips. Well, Luca's fish and Gregg's chips, as John pointed out.

mica venn in celebrity masterchef
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But it wasn't the end of the drama, as Luca accidentally flicked off the gas tap, meaning the oven wasn't getting any heat for Jamelia to make dessert. Left with a dish with an uncooked middle, the team had to serve what they could.

Back in the main kitchen, each contestant had to create their ultimate sandwich in an hour and 30 minutes. We had everything from the most standard baguette, wrap, and shawarma to a scotch egg almost-burger to a 'Christmas cake sandwich' covered in frosting.

Most of the celebrities received lots of praise for their creations, but Mica's pastry wasn't cooked, and John and Gregg weren't sure about Jamelia mixing fish and fried egg.

In the end, Mica was sent home.

"I came out on raw dough, imagine that! It's been fun though, it's been a blast," she said, while Jamelia vowed to go "onwards and upwards" after avoiding the chop.

Celebrity MasterChef continues Thursday night at 8pm on BBC One.

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