Who was the celeb behind the 2024 Emmy's Green Goblin costume?

emmys green goblin
Erm, why is there a goblin @ the Emmys?Jay L. Clendenin - Getty Images

Over the years, we've seen many a' bold beauty look on the red carpet. From whacky hairstyles and colours to extreme chop debuts, you name it; when it comes to a world-renowned award ceremony transformation, the celebs of Hollywood have 'been there, done that'. Interestingly, however (read: quite expectedly, TBH), we've never seen a green goblin walk the walk... that is, until now.

At the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards that took place late last night [15 January, 2024], out stepped a mysterious green goblin (no, rly). But who was the celebrity behind the mysterious yet equally impressive SFX makeup? If you guessed costume extraordinaire, Heidi Klum, you would, unfortunately, be wrong because it was ~actually~ RuPaul's Drag Race season 15 star, Princess Poppy.

While the majority of the celebrity attendees arrived dolled up to the nines with glam hair and makeup looks, Princess Poppy – who was the second contestant to be eliminated in RPDR S15 – stood out due to her head-to-toe green skin, prosthetic nose and stick-on moles. Not to mention the matching green gown, ofc.

Sharing details of the look via her Instagram caption, Princess Poppy gave credit to the genius behind the makeup, Gabe Acero. Gabe is known for his ability to transform one with not only special FX makeup but a lot of vision, too. A talented artisté!

And I mean, if there's one way to make headlines, it would be to show up to the Emmy's as a green goblin, right? Kudos, to both Princess Queen Poppy and Gabe! A powerhouse duo if we ever did see one.

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