Cats, Fires, And A Haunted Set — Here Are 19 Behind The Scenes Facts About "Dear David"

If you've already seen Dear David, the horror movie based on a viral Twitter story, you might be wondering: How haunted was this movie actually? Read on for some behind the scenes facts about the film.

dear david
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1.Augustus Prew, who plays the lead Adam Ellis, said he was drawn to this film because he has a long history of being haunted himself.

augustus prew in dear david
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2.The lights would go out on the Dear David set for no reason, for example while Augustus was in hair and makeup with nobody else around.

darkness - voice says oh!

Was it a prank, or was the set really haunted? Nobody knows.

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3.The production was filmed in a house that was supposed to be empty, but a few crew members found some people hiding in the attic of the house and had a jump-scare themselves.

there was some people
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**WARNING: Some spoilers ahead**

4.René Escobar Jr., who plays Adam's boyfriend Kyle, said the creepiest thing on set was one of the actors who played a grown version of Dear David actually practicing contortionism in full demonic makeup.

love the art - man in demon makeup crawls on floor
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5.Augustus Prew had to wear a rat costume in a scene, so as a prank, everyone on set dressed up as rats for "Rat Friday."

handy rat - person in rat costume using tool

Nowhere near as scary as the rats in the movie, but still unsettling.

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6.The rocking chair that David sits on when he haunts Adam actually started moving for no reason, and crew members said they could see an outline on it, as though someone had been sitting there.

rocking chair
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7.Justin Long plays the head of BuzzFeed, and in one scene, you can see on his computer an article about a guy that fakes having a boyfriend. This is a reference to another Lionsgate and BuzzFeed Studios film, My Fake Boyfriend.

justin long in office
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8.And if you've seen that movie, you might recognize Tricia Black, who plays Adam's coworker Norris in Dear David...

tricia black in dear david
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...and also Peyton in My Fake Boyfriend!

tricia black in gym in my fake boyfriend
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9.The office scenes in Dear David were set at the BuzzFeed headquarters in New York, and the actual office building makes a cameo when Adam arrives for work in the morning.

buzzfeed office
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10.Adam Ellis, whose experience the movie is based on, also has a cameo in the film.

"the actual Adam Ellis"
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11.The original article Adam wrote for BuzzFeed about his experience is shown in the film.

my apartment is being haunted by the ghost of a dead child

You can read Adam's original article here.

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12.A lot of Adam's original tweets are shown in the film as well, like this one, which started the whole thread:

augustus prew typing tweet: so my apartment is currently being haunted by the ghost of a dead child
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And this one, when things started getting really spooky:

tweet says i am pretty scared
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And this one, about Adam's cats gathering at the front door when they sensed someone (or something) was on the other side:

tweet with cats gathering at midnight
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13.The filmmakers actually recreated the scene with the cats exactly, as well.

cats by the door with Adam taking photo of them
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14.To film the fire scene at the end, specialists used pyrotechnics and electric matches so that things would light automatically...

film crew supervising fire scene
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15....and painted the kitchen cabinets with special gasoline paste and used other exploding devices to depict the haunted fire...

burnt out kitchen set
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16....and the whole set actually burned down.

screen shows set onfire
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17.But don't worry, they had professionals on hand, and everyone was safe.

fire truck
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18.But despite the hauntings, stunts, and pyrotechnics, Dear David producer Naysun Alae-Carew said the thing he found most challenging about the production was...the cats.

Naysun Alae-Carew- producer
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19.As anyone who has seen the film knows, the cats were the leads! Adam Ellis's cats were played by Puffin and Penguin, who barely had to act to give a convincing performance.

cats in an apartment

Only the cats know the truth about who was haunting the set.

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If you're ready for some jump scares, watch Dear David in theaters and on Prime Video here.