As A Cat Owner, "Puppy Love" Made Me Question My Choice Of Pet

Puppy Love the movie is now streaming on Freevee, and if you haven't seen it yet, you should know that it is cute and sweet and actually very moving at times.

lucy hale and grant gustin walking the dogs in 'puppy love'

Puppy Love is a Freevee Original and a BuzzFeed Studios production.

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Also, if you're not currently a dog person, you should know that you may want to adopt a dog by the end of this movie.

dogs sharing a spaghetti

I've only seen it twice and I'm already bookmarking dogs on Pet Finder.

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I love my cat, I do. Her name is Carol the peach and her big selling point is that she has dog energy. But here are all nine times Puppy Love made me think it might be time to add an actual rescue pup to the family.

1.When Lucy Hale first met this handsome boy hanging out by the trash giving her puppy-dog eyes.

lucy hale says don't look at me like a person

Who couldn't invite that sweet creature upstairs? It made me think of all the good boys and girls that need homes.

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2.And when she brought him home and cleaned him up.

the dog in the bathtub

Ma'am, have you ever tried to discuss conditioner with a cat? It's not a thing.

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3.The way he just let her blow dry him as if she wasn't inflicting torture.

lucy hale blow drying dog

Dogs get it! It's so nice to have a blowout every now and then.

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4.When Nicole wakes up next to Channing Tatum for the first time and he's just staring at her adoringly.

dog lying in bed next to sleeping lucy hale

This is the Channing Tatum I want to wake up next to.

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5.Meanwhile, socially anxious Max now has a reason to go outside.

grant gustin walking chloe saying 'typically i wouldn't be outside during pedestrian hours'

Cat owners: consider it. With a dog, we would be forced to leave the house for a walk a few times a day. That sounds healthy and productive!

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6.When Nicole used the dog to increase her value on her dating profile.

lucy hale taking selfie with dog

My friend told me this is called "dog-fishing" and that it is a guaranteed way to get more dates. Men on the dating apps love dogs, you see.

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7.Even when Max is on his phone, Chloe patiently waits for his attention.

cavalier spaniel watching owner texting

Not sure about yours, but my cat gets so jealous when I text other people that she bites my hand.

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8.Max hanging at the dog park. It seemed like the best kind of chaos.

man with dog at park ducks, says 'what the fuck? jesus!' as dog with frisbee spins through the air in front of him. caption '[barking continues]' it is a scene of chaos

[barking continues]

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9.And when Nicole and Max met up with their dogs at the park. This seems like such a great, low-stakes first-date activity.

lucy hale and grant gustin with dogs at the park

If you've seen the Puppy Love trailer you probably know it ends up being not so low-stakes...but surely that doesn't happen every time.

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10.When Max bought Chloe a little bed and she actually used it.

owner gives the spaniel a bed, asks do you like it?

We all know that if Chloe were a cat she would have opted for the empty Amazon box, instead!

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11.All the moments Nicole spent with that joyful little creature as she started to fall for him.

lucy hale playing with dog in park, squatting arms open as he runs to her

Imagine a pet that remembers to bring the ball back when you throw it. Remarkable!

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12.And all the times it was so clear how much Channing Tatum wanted to be around Nicole.

lucy hale taking selfie with dog in hat and sunglasses, it licks her face

Even when she was emotionally unavailable.

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13.Any self-respecting cat would simply not agree to go on a hike, on a leash.

grant gustin and lucy hale taking dogs for a hike

14.And double dating with your pups just seems really, really sweet.

grant gustin and lucy hale having picnic with dogs at top of mountain

If you have a fight, the dogs are an excuse to bring you back together. I don't make the rules, Puppy Love does!

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Okay so now's the part where I remind you that you should watch Puppy Love! It's streaming on Freevee, which means it's free. Super cute dog date movie. I will be going back for my third viewing soon.

PS: let me know if you end up deciding to adopt a dog, and we can compare notes on breeds and the best dog food brands, etc.