'Greatest crowd catch ever': Fan takes epic grab while holding two beers

Sam Goodwin
Sports Editor

Could this be the greatest crowd catch of all time?

Probably not, but the face the bloke was holding two beers at the time certainly makes it pretty awesome.

A spectator at a Caribbean Premier League game went viral on Wednesday after his epic one-handed grab.

Not only did he pull off the catch will relative ease, he also managed to do so without spilling a drop from the TWO beers he was holding.

The man made the catch with two beers in his hand. Image: Fox Sports

Unfortunately for the man his female friend sent the beers crashing out of his hand while celebrating with him.

However he probably won’t mind considering his snare actually won him the beer back thanks to a promotion from ‘Caribbeer’.

“It won’t matter that it’s all fallen out now because he’s got a couple months supply,” one commentator said.

Needless to say the catch was widely celebrated on social media.